Washable Markers

The patented ink formula in these markers washes easily from hands, faces and clothes.  The colour layout is smooth, the markers highly durable with a generous ink capacity. Non-toxic. Ideal for younger artists.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
ARTM300AS ARTLINE 300 LIQUID CRAYONS 12 ASSORTED COLOURS. Medium point chubby plastic barrel with water soluble and washable vegetable based inks. Will wipe off non-absorbent surfaces. Brilliant colours may be brushed out with water to give the most delicate of wash effects. 8 Login For Price
C585010 CRAYOLA SUPERTIP MARKER 10 ASSORTED COLOURS. Set contains one marker each in red, orange, yellow, grass green, green, blue, violet, carnation, brown and black. 54 Login For Price
C587832 CRAYOLA WASHABLE BROADLINE MARKER - BOLD 10 ASSORTED COLOURS. Set contains one marker each in copper, raspberry, teal, primrose, pumpkin, kiwi, plum, golden yellow, azure and emerald 11 Login For Price
C588032 CRAYOLA WASHABLE BROADLINE MARKER-CLASSIC 32 ASSORTED COLOURS. Set contains 4 x 8 colours. 1 Login For Price
C588106 CRAYOLA SUPERTIP MARKER 20 ASSORTED COLOURS. Set contains one marker each in maroon, red, orange, sun yellow, yellow, grass green, olive, green, turquoise, light blue, blue, violet, lavender, magenta, pale pink, light peach, light brown, brown, grey and black. 6 Login For Price
MMF54AS *MICADOR MEGA MARKERS CLASSPACK 54 ASSORTED. Micador Mega Markers are the enviromentally friendly marker with chunky barrel that suits a child s full handed grip. Cone shaped nib for wide and fine line. Dry markers can be re-hydrated by dipping the nib in water. Safe for young uses and non-toxic. 1 Login For Price
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