Pastel Storage - Tray & Boxes

These cases and bags have been specifically designed for the storage, protection and transport of your valuable soft pastels. Manufactured from solid and sturdy aluminium, timber and injection moulded plastic to ensure pastels remain undamaged. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
JR400280 JR400280 RICHESON ALUMINIUM PASTEL CASE. Roz boxes are equipped with comfortable, solid metal carry handles and secure metal clamps to ensure that the case stays closed during transport. This box is supplied complete with 4 pastel organiser trays with foam insert . Holds up to 136 pastels. 0 Login For Price
JR400281 JR400281 RICHESON PASTEL ORGANISER TRAY. Features 34 foam plastic lined pastel slots with a centre finger grip for easy pick-up and movement. Pastel organiser trays are stackable and can be used in in the Artbin Pastel 3 box and the Roz pastel boxes and bags. 0 Login For Price
JR400284 JR400284 RICHESON ROZ 4 TRAY PASTEL BAG. Specially designed to store and transport up to 5 Richeson pastel organiser trays. The top flap includes a removable clear plastic, zippered envelope to hold pencils, paper stumps and brushes etc. Includes 2 side pockets on either side to hols smaller items. Features a top mounted carry handle and an adjustable shoulder strap with a cushioned comfort pad. Comes with 4 pastel organiser trays. 0 Login For Price
JR400298 JR400298 *UNISON PLEXIGLASS 72 UNISON PASTEL DISPLAY. Features an aluminium case with a clear plexiglass front so the beauty of the pastels inside is clearly visible. The display is supplied free of charge with the purchase of a starter set of 72 pastels plus the equivalent of an additional 72 Unison pastels in sets of 8 as selected. 3 Login For Price
JR696210 JR696210 RICHESON 144 HAND-ROLLED WOODEN PASTEL CASE. Although intended for individual consumer use this folding Brazillian timber storage case can be utilised as an in-store display, when filled with 144 pastels, in conjunction with Unison Pastel header card. The cantilevered case and header card are provided free of charge with the purchase of its contents plus an additional 144 pastels in sets as selected. 4 Login For Price
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