Toison D'or Soft Pastels

Student quality soft pastel manufactured from high quality pigments and other raw materials hey are characterized by a smooth, consistent feel. They offer powerful colour laydown, easy blending and are affordably priced. The colours are highly light resistant. Non toxic.

N.B. Every possible care is taken in packing artists pastels due to their extremely fragile nature. No allowance therefore, can be made in the event of any breakage as they are equally serviceable.


Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
KIN850003 KIN850003 TOISON D'OR PASTEL - YELLOW OCHRE BOX 12 10 Login For Price
KIN850013 KIN850013 TOISON D'OR PASTEL - LEMON YELLOW BOX 12 2 Login For Price
KIN850015 KIN850015 TOISON D'OR PASTEL - PRIMROSE BOX 12 5 Login For Price
KIN850017 KIN850017 TOISON D'OR PASTEL - BLUE GREY BOX 12 6 Login For Price
KIN850020 KIN850020 TOISON D'OR PASTEL - ORANGE RED BOX 12 3 Login For Price
KIN850028 KIN850028 TOISON D'OR PASTEL - FLESH BOX 12 11 Login For Price
KIN850031 KIN850031 TOISON D'OR PASTEL - TURQUOISE BOX 12 9 Login For Price
KIN850033 KIN850033 TOISON D'OR PASTEL - COOL GREY BOX 12 7 Login For Price
KIN850034 KIN850034 TOISON D'OR PASTEL - MAUVE BOX 12 4 Login For Price
KIN850035 KIN850035 TOISON D'OR PASTEL - WARM GREY BOX 12 9 Login For Price
KIN850036 KIN850036 TOISON D'OR PASTEL - LEMON BOX 12 8 Login For Price
KIN850039 KIN850039 TOISON D'OR PASTEL - OLIVE GREEN BOX 12 2 Login For Price
KIN850044 KIN850044 TOISON D'OR PASTEL - CHARCOAL BOX 12 4 Login For Price
KIN850045 KIN850045 TOISON D'OR PASTEL - VANDYKE BROWN BOX 12 2 Login For Price
KIN850046 KIN850046 TOISON D'OR PASTEL - RAW SIENNA BOX 12 6 Login For Price
KIN850048 KIN850048 TOISON D'OR PASTEL - ORIENTAL BLUE BOX 12 8 Login For Price
KIN850051 KIN850051 TOISON D'OR PASTEL - LIGHT RED OXIDE BOX 12 1 Login For Price
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