Sharpeners With Container

Sharpeners with containers reduce mess and allow the user to collect pencil shavings for further uses such as shading.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CR43007 CR43007 CRETACOLOR BARREL PENCIL SHARPENER Box 20. Designed specifically for use with coloured pencils up to 8mm in diameter. 3 Login For Price
J92650001 J92650001 JOLLY SOFT SINGLE SHARPENER Box 6. Soft bodied, single hole sharpener suitable for Jolly graphite and Supersticks colour pencils. The high-quality bde guarantees long life. 26 Login For Price
J92850002 J92850002 JOLLY DELTA TRIANGULAR SHARPENER Display Box 10. Specially designed for the Delta triangular pencils but will also sharpen coloured and graphite pencils. The high-quality blade guarantees long life. 3 Login For Price
SFA252 SFA252 SINOART MULTI-POINT MANUAL PENCIL SHARPENER. This compact, manually operated, wood-cased graphite pencil sharpener features settings for 5 different point sizes to suit all sketching and drawing techniques. Includes a large capacity, transparent shavings waste container. Overall dimensions are 6 x 9.5 x 12cm. 160 Login For Price
ST512006 ST512006 STAEDTLER DOUBLE HOLE BARREL/TUB PENCIL SHARPENER. A dual-hole sharpener for pencils 8mm up to 11mm in diameter. Transparent barrel collects shavings and the two quality steel blades guarantee a smooth, accurate cut. 27 Login For Price
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