Burnishing & Blending Pencils

The Burnisher pencil is a hard colourless pencil which, when used over layers of colour provides a rich, polished finish. Burnishing pushes the pigment into the paper and leaves a photo like finish. It makes the colours look brighter and gives the image a reflective or polished look. 

Blending pencils are used to blend colours, smooth out the coloured pencil layers and soften the hard edges of coloured pencil artwork. Blending pencils make the colours very bright and vivid.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
D2301774 D2301774 DERWENT BURNISHER AND BLENDING PENCILS - SET 6. Contains 2 each of the burnisher and blender pencils plus an eraser and pencil sharpener. 85 Login For Price
D2302177 D2302177 DERWENT BLENDER PEN SET 2. Derwent Blender pens are designed specifically for use with pencils, they allow the artist to blend away pencil lines, creating smooth and even colour. They are effective with both colour and graphite pencils. They come in a pack of two nib sizes; 2mm and 4mm bullet tip. 20 Login For Price
ST5426BLB ST5426BLB STAEDTLER COLOURING PENCIL BLENDER. A non-pigmented, wax based pencil perfect for blending and softening edges of coloured pencil artwork. FSC wooden outer barrel. 8 Login For Price
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