Colouring Pencil Mediums

A wide and varied range of Colouring pencil mediums to to help you produce your masterpiece!

Choose from the range of Brush 'n' Pencil mediums including the Painting Bible, complete painting kit, final fixative, textured final fixative, texture touch up, powder blender, titanium white and the Zest-It pencil blend.

Brush And Pencil Safety Data Sheets

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
BNP012 BNP012 ALYONA'S COLOURED PENCIL PAINTING BIBLE. Techniques for Achieving Luminous Colour and Ultra-realistic Effects By Alyona Nickelsen. Artists everywhere will be dazzled by the amazing new techniques created by Alyona Nickelsen and presented in Coloured Pencil Painting Bible for the very first time. Layering translucent effects using odourless solvents to achieve rich luminous colour and eye-popping ultra-realistic effects, Nickelsen's innovations will delight readers and detailed step-by-step demonstrations bring her striking results within reach for every artist. Take coloured pencils beyond the ordinary with the Coloured Pencil Painting Bible Illustrations throughout - 400 colour plus 30 black and white illustrations. 16 Login For Price
BNP032A BNP032A BRUSH AND PENCIL COMPLETE PAINTING BOX KIT. Unleash the true potential of the coloured pencil medium with this unique set of tools created by Alyona Nickelsen. This complete coloured pencil painting kit contains one each of the following Brush'N Pencil accessories: Coloured pencil Titanium White, Coloured pencil Powder Blender, Coloured pencil Touch-up Texture fluid, Advanced Coloured Pencil Textured Fixative, Advanced Coloured Pencil Final Fixative. All packed in a re-usable, clear plastic, storage/carry box with removable tray. 0 Login For Price
BNP033 BNP033 ADVANCED COLOURED PENCIL FINAL FIXATIVE 255g. Advanced coloured pencil final fixative provides long lasting protection for coloured pencil artwork.This unique product is non-toxic, non-yellowing, non-darkening, acid free with no odour. Dries and hardens in minutes. 23 Login For Price
BNP034 BNP034 ADVANCED COLOURED PENCIL TEXTURED COLOURED PENCIL FIXATIVE 225g. Textured coloured pencil fixative enables virtually unlimited coloured pencil layering by restoring tooth to the painting surface. Creates minimum impact on already established values or colours. Isolates previous coloured pencil layers and makes them resistant to subsequent water, alcohol or odourless mineral spirit application. Provides ability to apply chromatic colours onto a black or dark surface without white underpainting. Allows development of the form from dark to light and light to dark. Non-toxic safe to use indoors non-yellowing non-darkening acid free with no odour dries and hardens in minutes. 330 Login For Price
BNP035 BNP035 BRUSH'N PENCIL COLOUR PENCIL TEXTURE TOUCHUP. When there is no more surface tooth left, but creating it on a large area is not desirable, this applicator supplies texture with precision and control to tight places or next to the edges. After treated area is completely dry it hardens and allows you to easily create bright highlights or render a small detail. 288 Login For Price
BNP036 BNP036 BRUSH'N PENCIL COLOUR PENCIL POWDER BLENDER. Coloured Pencil Powder Blender (14g jar with sifter)This unique non-toxic, archival, dry lubricant for the coloured pencil medium allows the artist to blend colours without the use of solvents.The product works remarkably well on rigid, toothy surfaces, such as sanded papers or toothy gessoes.Performs best with oil-based coloured pencils however it can be used with wax-based pencils after pre-treating the surface for subsequent pencil application.Apply with sponges or short bristle brushes.Powder Blender makes the coloured pencil medium completely adjustable, correctible and erasable.Fix and secure the powder application with ACP Final or Textured Fixative. 51 Login For Price
BNP037 BNP037 BRUSH'N PENCIL COLOURED PENCIL - TITANIUM WHITE. Coloured Pencil Titanium White (14g jar with sifter)The safest and most opaque white available to artists today. When applied with a small sponge applicator to a toothy surface, the pure Titanium White has maximum covering power and creates the brightest possible whites in the composition. Easy to correct by lifting with mounting putty and easy to secure to the surface with a spray of Advanced Coloured Pencil Final Fixative. 44 Login For Price
BNP040 BNP040 BOOK-COLOURED PENCIL PAINTING PORTRAITS. The follow up to Coloured Pencil Painting Bible by coloured pencil painter Alyona Nickelsen this book reveals how to use the medium to push the limits of realistic portraiture. Colored Pencil Painting Portraits provides straightforward solutions to the problems that artists face in creating lifel-ike images and will prime readers on the intricacies of colour texture shadow and light as they interplay with the human form. In this truly comprehensive guide packed with step-by-step demonstrations the author compares working from photo references versus live models provides guidance on posing and lighting as well as planning and composing a work. Also discusses tools materials and revolutionary layering techniques plus offers lessons on capturing gesture expression rendering facial and body features of people of all age groups and skin tones. 7 Login For Price
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