Crayola Colouring Pencils

Blend & Shade Coloured Pencils feature a soft, highly-pigmented 3.3mm core that is more vivid than other Crayola coloured pencils. The coloured core is formulated with a softer wax for a velvety-smooth laydown and the brilliant colours can be enjoyed on both light and dark paper. The wood pencil casing is round with a sleek, matte black finish and colour-dipped ends for easy identification.

Crayola standard and half-length coloured pencils feature a strong and robust 3.3mm thick colour core, fully bonded to the barrel for extra strength. They re pre=sharpened and the barrel is manufactured from re-forested wood.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
C682010 C682010 CRAYOLA SIGNATURE BLEND & SHADE TRI-COLOUR PENCILS SET 12. This multi-coloured pencil set includes 12 blending and shading pencils each with 3 colour related shades in each pencil colour core - a total of 36 shades from 12 pencils. 17 Login For Price
C682015 C682015 CRAYOLA SIGNATURE BLEND & SHADE COLOUR PENCILS SET 24. Colours include Red, Red Orange, Orange, Yellow Orange, Yellow, Goldenrod, Yellow Green, Green, Jade, Green, Robin s Egg Blue, Sky blue, Light Blue, Blue, Violet, Magenta, Pink, Peach, Tan, Light Brown, Brown, Mahogany, Grey, Black and White. 0 Login For Price
C684012 C684012 CRAYOLA FULL LENGTH COLORED PENCILS SET OF 12. Includes 12 intense classic colours - Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Yellow Green, Green, Sky Blue, Blue, Purple, Black, Brown and White. 3 Login For Price
C684024 C684024 CRAYOLA FULL LENGTH COLORED PENCILS SET OF 24. Contains 24 classic colours - red orange, orange, yellow, yellow green, green, sky blue, blue, violet, brown, black, white, grey, magenta, pink, light blue, aqua green, jade green, peach, golden yellow, yellow orange, mahogany, tan and light brown. 6 Login For Price
C684036 C684036 *CRAYOLA FULL LENGTH COLORED PENCILS SET OF 36. Contains 36 classic colours - black, brown, blue, green, orange, sky blue, red, red orange, violet, white, yellow, yellow green, aqua green, gray, golden yellow, jade green, light blue, light brown, magenta, mahogany, peach, pink, tan and yellow orange. 8 Login For Price
C688100 C688100 CRAYOLA BIG 1OO (60 COLOUR) FULL LENGTH COLORED PENCILS SET OF 100. Contains 60 classic colours (2 each of the most used colours as shown) - Raspberry (2), Maroon (2), Ruby Red, Red Orange (2), Red (2), Orange, Light Orange (2), Yellow Orange, Mango, Golden Yellow, Yellow (2), Lemon Yellow, Lime Green (2), Yellow Green (2), Jade Green (2), Olive Green (2), Green (2), Pine Green (2), Teal (2), Green Blue (2), Aqua Green (2), Turquoise (2), Sky Blue (2), Cerulean (2), Light Blue (2), True Blue (2), Metallic Blue, Blue (2), Navy Blue, Plum, Violet (Purple), Lilac (2), Orchid, Mauve (2), Pale Rose (2), Pink (2), Magenta, Bubblegum (2), Salmon (2), Peach (2), Light Brown (2), Metallic Copper, Mahogany (2), Cocoa, Brown (2), Dark Brown (2), Hazel, Taupe (2), Sand, Tan (2), Bronze Yellow (2), Metallic Bronze, Gold, Silver, Warm Gray (2), Gray (2), Cool Gray (2), Slate (2), Black (2) and White. 11 Login For Price
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