Derwent Chromaflow Pencils

Derwent Chromaflow pencils have been formulated with rich pigments to deliver a bold, vibrant laydown. Premium core strength pencils that handle pressure when sharpening and in use. Enjoy consistent, reliable quality, every time. Suitable for all types of colour pencil styles and techniques-smooth texture for easy blending and seamless layering - rich and vibrant colours ideal for creating striking artwork - strong 3.5mm core provides a smooth, velvety laydown.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
D2305856 D2305856 DERWENT CHROMAFLOW PENCILS TIN OF 12 ASSORTED COLOURS. Contains one pencil each in Sun Yellow, Flame, Scarlet, Blush Pink, Lilac, Denim, Blue, Basil, Grass Green, Natural Brown, Black and White 0 Login For Price
D2305857 D2305857 DERWENT CHROMAFLOW PENCIL TIN OF 24 ASSORTED COLOURS. Contains one pencil each in Sun Yellow, Amber Gold, Golden Sun, Flame, Scarlet, Strawberry, Salmon, Blush Pink, Magenta, Lilac, Violet, Denim, Blue, Light Blue, Turquoise Green, Basil, Foliage, Grass Green, Burnt Sienna, Raisin, Natural Brown, Platinum, Black and White. 0 Login For Price
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