Woodless Colouring Pencils

Progresso woodless colour pencils similar are pure, solid colour. Particularly recommended for portrait and landscape work.

Sakura Coupy pencils are woodless colour pencils manufactured using a combination of pure pigment and polythene wax. These pencils are strong and break resistant, making them ideal for classroom use. Coupy pencils will produce fine and precise lines and are excellent for shading larger areas. They are usable on most drawing papers and the whole pencil is usable. They can be erased using regular erasers and are clean and easy-to-use. Every tin contains an eraser and sharpener.

Jovi Ergonomic Wood Free Colouring Pencils come in rich, brilliant colours and are ideal for day-to-day colouring activities and special projects. They feature superior break resistance - no splinters in the event of breakage, are easy to handle and available with ergonomic, triangular barrels. These PVC-free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly pencils are supplied pre-sharpened for immediate use. 

Micador Safety Data Sheets

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
JV0073412 JV0073412 JOVI ERGONOMIC WOOD-FREE COLOUR PENCILS - 12 Assorted Colours 0 Login For Price
JV0073424 JV0073424 JOVI ERGONOMIC WOOD-FREE COLOUR PENCILS - 24 Assorted Colours 53 Login For Price
JV0073484 JV0073484 JOVI ERGONOMIC WOOD-FREE COLOUR PENCILS - 84 Assorted Colours. Contains 7 pencils each of 12 colours. 5 Login For Price
JV0734288 JV0734288 JOVI ERGONOMIC WOOD-FREE COLOUR PENCILS - 288 ASSORTED. Contains 24 pencils each of 12 colours 7 Login For Price
KIN2624 KIN2624 KOH-I-NOOR 5.6mm WATERCOLOUR LEAD COLOUR STICKS SET - 24 ASSORTED. These 120mm long x 5.6mm diameter, aquarelle colour sticks suit the 5.6mm Cretacolor refill system. They contain twice as much watersoluble colour as wood-cased coloured pencils. This set contains 24 sticks of the most popluar artist colours including black and white housed in a re-usable plastic storage tray. For use with all 5.6mm lead holders. 55 Login For Price
PRO8756 PRO8756 PROGRESSO WOODLESS COLOURED PENCIL SET - 12 ASSORTED COLOURS INCLUDING ivory black, natural sienna, dark green, meadow green, sapphire blue, cobalt blue, lavender violet, carmine red, pyrrole red, reddish orange, chrome yellow and titanium white. 5 Login For Price
PRO8758 PRO8758 PROGRESSO WOODLESS COLOURED PENCIL SET - 24 ASSORTED COLOURS INCLUDING light grey, natural sepia, burnt sienna, light ochre, dark green, light green, paris blue, sky blue, light violet, scarlet lake, pink, dark yellow, black, brown, hooker's green, sap green, dark blue, light blue, dark violet, carmine, light vermillion, orange, light yellow and white. 4 Login For Price
SAKCP12AS SAKCP12AS *SAKURA COUPY WOODLESS COLOUR PENCIL SET - 12 ASSORTED COLOURS INCLUDING red, orange, yellow, yellow green, green, light blue, blue, purple, pink, brown, black and white. 6 Login For Price
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