Artist Studio Graphite Pencils

These student quality graphite pencils are excellent value. They feature a strong, easy to sharpen graphite core making them ideal for sketching and drawing. 

Cretacolor Safety Data Sheets


Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CR14002 CR14002 ARTIST STUDIO GRAPHITE PENCIL 2B- Box 12. 148 Login For Price
CR14004 CR14004 ARTIST STUDIO GRAPHITE PENCIL 4B- Box 12 227 Login For Price
CR14006 CR14006 ARTIST STUDIO GRAPHITE PENCIL 6B- Box 12 163 Login For Price
CR14099 CR14099 ARTIST STUDIO 192 GRAPHITE PENCIL CLASSPACK. Classpack contains 30 pencils each in the grades 6B, 4B, B & 2H and 36 pencils each in the grades 2B and HB. 32 Login For Price
CR14106 CR14106 CRETACOLOR ARTIST STUDIO GRAPHITE PENCIL Set 6. Contains 2 graphite pencils each of the grades F, HB and 2B. 134 Login For Price
CR14112 CR14112 CRETACOLOR ARTIST STUDIO GRAPHITE PENCILS 12 Assorted Grades. One pencil each of 11 different degrees ranging from 6B to 4H (excluding 5B) plus an extra HB. 159 Login For Price
CR14200 CR14200 CRETACOLOR NATURAL CEDAR MEDIUM CARPENTER'S PENCIL Box12 Whether carpenter, bricklayer or stonemason the professional Creatacolor medium grade, graphite core Carpenter Pencil is a must on every building site or workshop. The oval-shaped , natural cedar wood barrel graphite pencil is suitable for marking and writing on most timber and masonry products. Can be sharpened with KUM brand sharpener code *K1010121* also available in boxes of 12. 24 Login For Price
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