Cretacolor Nero Pencils

Nero pencils contain a colour strip which is made from a blend of soot, clay and binding agents, plus oil. The addition of oil makes their stroke extremely soft and smooth and provides a very rich coverage. It is not soluble although partial wiping is possible in the softer grades. The soft grades leave a strong dense mark so that great depth can be achieved. Coarse strokes can be achieved by using a rougher grainy paper and the harder grades allow for a sensitive rendering of fine details.

Cretacolor Safety Data Sheets

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CR40008 CR40008 CRETACOLOR NERO CARBON POCKET 7 PIECE ASSORTED TIN SET. An assortment of Nero carbon sketching and drawing products. Nero carbon products are shiny black, oil-based, water resistant and smudge proof. Set contains one each of deep black Nero pencils in extra soft, medium and hard, two 7 x 7mm Nero sticks, a 7 x 14mm Nero stick and 0.4mm natural charcoal. 29 Login For Price
CR46101 CR46101 CRETACOLOR NERO PENCIL #1 EXTRA SOFT Box 3. 32 Login For Price
CR46102 CR46102 CRETACOLOR NERO PENCIL #2 SOFT Box 3. 47 Login For Price
CR46103 CR46103 CRETACOLOR NERO PENCIL #3 MEDIUM Box 3. 34 Login For Price
CR46104 CR46104 CRETACOLOR NERO PENCIL #4 HARD Box 3. 147 Login For Price
CR46105 CR46105 CRETACOLOR NERO PENCIL #5 EXTRA HARD Box 3. 210 Login For Price
CR46189 CR46189 CRETACOLOR NERO PENCIL BLISTER CARD-3 Assorted. This blister carded set of 3 contain 1 each extra soft soft and medium. 7 Login For Price
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