Lyra Graphite Pencils

This individual pencil is designed for comfort while writing, sketching and drawing. The profile is an easy-grip, rounded triangular shape which naturally encourages children to develop the correct tripod pencil grip. The round grooves offer further support with finger placement for children who are still new to gripping a pencil and comfort for anyone who is using pencils for extended periods of time. Supports an optimal writing position and include a name field. Suitable for both left and right handed students.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
LY1870101 LY1870101 LYRA GROOVE JUMBO GRAPHITE EASY-LEARNER PENCIL Box 12 on order - coming soon Login For Price
LY1873360 LY1873360 #LYRA GROOVE GRAPHITE SKETCHING PENCIL - TUB OF 36 on order - coming soon Login For Price
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