Woodless Graphite - Student

Quality, student, woodless graphite pencils in various grades. Pencils measure 8mm diameter x 180mm. Great value!

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
SFA0762B SFA0762B *WOODLESS GRAPHITE PENCIL 2B Box 12 80 Login For Price
SFA0764B SFA0764B *WOODLESS GRAPHITE PENCIL 4B Box 12. 148 Login For Price
SFA0765AS SFA0765AS WOODLESS GRAPHITE PENCIL SET 6 ASSORTED. One each of grades 8B, 6B, 4B, 2B, HB and 2H - hang/sell blister carded. 81 Login For Price
SFA0766B SFA0766B *WOODLESS GRAPHITE PENCIL 6B Box 12. 183 Login For Price
SFA0768B SFA0768B *WOODLESS GRAPHITE PENCIL 8B Box 12. 188 Login For Price
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