Fabric Art

Marabu Textil Aqua

Ultra-brilliant, pigmented, water-based watercolour paint for light-coloured fabrics (max. 20 % synthetic fibre). Very good flow and high yield. Colours can be mixed and diluted with water. Fabrics need to be free of finishes and fabric conditioners.
After fixing in the oven (8 minutes / 1500C), it will be washable to 40 °C. Wash and iron inside out.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
MC179014 MC179014 *MARABU TEXTIL AQUARELLE 15mll-MAGENTA 26 Login For Price
MC179020 MC179020 *MARABU TEXTIL AQUARELLE 15ml - LEMON. 23 Login For Price
MC179031 MC179031 *MARABU TEXTIL AQUARELLE 15ml - CHERRY RED. 25 Login For Price
MC179056 MC179056 *MARABU TEXTIL AQUARELLE 15ml - CYAN. 23 Login For Price
MC179061 MC179061 *MARABU TEXTIL AQUARELLE 15ml- RESEDA GREEN 27 Login For Price
MC179073 MC179073 *MARABU TEXTIL AQUARELLE 15ml - BLACK. 24 Login For Price
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