Fabric Art

Machine Bobbins

The purpose of the bobbin is to hold the thread that is held below the needle. The thread from the bobbin goes up through the plate and connects with the top thread to create a sturdy stitch when the machine is in use. The bobbins listed here suit a range of machines.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
BOBB25 PLASTIC BOBBIN BOX (25 BOBBIN). Holds 25 bobbins. 4 Login For Price
BOBBCAB BERNINA STYLE (NoHole) BOBBIN CASE. No Hole (Bernina Style) Metal, suits most machines made in Japan. 50 Login For Price
BOBCBH BERNINA STYLE BOBBIN CASE With Hole. Metal, for Bernina bobbins with hole in finger. 11 Login For Price
BOBJP MACHINE PLASTIC BOBBIN - STANDARD. To suit Janome and many other popular models. Minimum purchase 5 bobbins. 192 Login For Price
BOBMB BOBBIN Std.#11 BERNINA STYLE. To suit all Bernina free-arm machines - all metal with 7 holes 281 Login For Price
BOBME BOBBIN Std.#8 ELNA STYLE. Elna Metal#8. To suit all Elna machines. 79 Login For Price
BOBMS BOBBIN STANDARD 15K STEEL. Standard bobbin to suit Janome and many other popular models - minimum purchase 5 bobbins. 32 Login For Price
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