Fabric Art

Pins - Craft/Dressmaking

Pins for a variety of applications including dressmaking, quilting etc.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
PEARL25 PEARL25 PEARL HEADED 25mm SHIRT PINS Jar of 1000. A shorter 25mm shaft shirt pin manufactured in China. 7 Login For Price
PINA500 PINA500 DRESSMAKER ADAMANTINE PIN - Box 500gm. Nickel plate finish, mild steel pins. 6 Login For Price
PIND600 PIND600 ECONOMY DRESSMAKER PIN - Box 600. Dorcas pins in large, plastic box. Nickel plated, hardened steel. 0 Login For Price
PINDB100 PINDB100 PLASTIC HEAD LONG PIN 38 x.65mm. An extra long coloured head pin for stretchwear, knitted fabrics and quilting. 0 Login For Price
PINDF PINDF DRESSMAKER PIN FOAM TOP - Box 350. Fine pins in foam, cushion top container. 18 Login For Price
PINDP PINDP DRESSMAKER PIN PLASTIC Box 25gm, Nickel plated, hardened and tempered steel. 11 Login For Price
PINGH10 PINGH10 GLASS HEAD PIN Box 9gm. Assorted colours in glass headed pins. Larger head for easier handling and increased visibility. The glass head will not melt to allow for garment pressing. Approx 80 pins. 0 Login For Price
PINLA PINLA BRIDAL/LACE PINS Box 25gm. Extra fine, long nickel plated, rustless brass pins. Specially designed for lace making. 10 Login For Price
PINQU PINQU QUILTERS PINS Pack 60. Extra long headed pin specifically for quilters. 11 Login For Price
PINSB PINSB BRASS SAFETY PINS 23mm Pack 50. 7 Login For Price
PINSS PINSS NICKEL PLATED SAFETY PINS ASSORTED SIZES Pack 32. Larger safety pins, nickle plated steel in sizes 1-3. 0 Login For Price
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