Fabric Art

Stranded Cotton

Stranded cotton suitable for cross stitch, embroidery, hair wraps and braiding. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CT004AS CT004AS CRAFT COTTON ASSORTMENT 24x8 METRE SKEINS. A strong, 2 ply twisted cotton thread for embroidery, jewellery making and other general crafting activities. Supplied as an assortment of 2 x 8 metre long skeins each of 12 bright and bold colours - colour assortments may vary. 6 Login For Price
EL017BK EL017BK DMC STRANDED EMBROIDERY THREAD BLACK 12x8m BOX. DMC 6 strand embroidery (floss) thread. 18 Login For Price
EL017WH EL017WH DMC STRANDED EMBROIDERY THREAD WHITE 12 x8m BOX. DMC 6 strand embroidery (floss) thread. 12 Login For Price
N9103 N9103 STRANDED EMBROIDERY COTTON ThREAD Pack 50x8 Metres.This 100% cotton, 6 strand thread is suitable for cross-stitch and general embroidery work. Supplied as an ecomincal pack of 50 assorted colour, 8 metre long skeins. Colours included are black, white, pinks, oranges, reds, greens, blues, browns, greys and purples. 25 Login For Price
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