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All purpose nylon zippers ideal for dresses, skirts, slacks etc. Available in sizes ranging from 15 to 45cm.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
ZIPK11501 ZIPK11501 15cm VIZZY DRESS ZIPPER - WHITE. 12 Login For Price
ZIPK11502 ZIPK11502 15cm VIZZY DRESS ZIPPER - BLACK. 9 Login For Price
ZIPK11507 ZIPK11507 15cm VIZZY DRESS ZIPPER - NATURAL. 2 Login For Price
ZIPK11801 ZIPK11801 18cm VIZZY DRESS ZIPPER - WHITE. 6 Login For Price
ZIPK11802 ZIPK11802 18cm VIZZY DRESS ZIPPER - BLACK. 8 Login For Price
ZIPK11807 ZIPK11807 18cm VIZZY DRESS ZIPPER - NATURAL 8 Login For Price
ZIPK12001 ZIPK12001 20cm VIZZY DRESS ZIPPER - WHITE. 7 Login For Price
ZIPK12002 ZIPK12002 20cm VIZZY DRESS ZIPPER - BLACK. 4 Login For Price
ZIPK12007 ZIPK12007 20cm VIZZY DRESS ZIPPER - NATURAL. 0 Login For Price
ZIPK12501 ZIPK12501 25cm VIZZY DRESS ZIPPER - WHITE. 19 Login For Price
ZIPK12502 ZIPK12502 25cm VIZZY DRESS ZIPPER - BLACK. 6 Login For Price
ZIPK12507 ZIPK12507 25cm VIZZY DRESS ZIPPER - NATURAL. 4 Login For Price
ZIPK12555 ZIPK12555 #25cm VIZZY DRESS ZIPPER - ROYAL. 2 Login For Price
ZIPK13001 ZIPK13001 30cm VIZZY DRESS ZIPPER - WHITE. 0 Login For Price
ZIPK13002 ZIPK13002 30cm VIZZY DRESS ZIPPER - BLACK. 0 Login For Price
ZIPK13007 ZIPK13007 30cm VIZZY DRESS ZIPPER - NATURAL. 0 Login For Price
ZIPK13501 ZIPK13501 35cm VIZZY DRESS ZIPPER - WHITE. 8 Login For Price
ZIPK13502 ZIPK13502 35cm VIZZY DRESS ZIPPER - BLACK. 5 Login For Price
ZIPK13507 ZIPK13507 35cm VIZZY DRESS ZIPPER - NATURAL. 3 Login For Price
ZIPK14501 ZIPK14501 #45cm VIZZY DRESS ZIPPER - WHITE. 0 Login For Price
ZIPK6401 ZIPK6401 #INVISIBLE ZIPPER 40-45cm - WHITE. All purpose invisible nylon zipper. 4 Login For Price
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