Fabric Art

Jacquard Inkjet Fabrics

For use with any Ink Jet Printers. Incorporate scanned images, artwork, photos, web images, clip art into your fabric creations. The list is endless -  quilts, flags, bags, banners, cushions and more. Hand washable, light fast and remains soft and supple, retaining the natural hand of the fabric. Easy to use. Available in cotton and silk.



Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
JAC9701 JAC9701 JACQUARD INKJET COTTON A4 Pack 10 sheets. 1 Login For Price
JAC9702 JAC9702 JACQUARD INKJET SILK A4 Pack 10 sheets. 0 Login For Price
JAC9703 JAC9703 JACQUARD INKJET EXTRAVORGANZA FABRIC SHEET A4 Pack 5 sheets. ExtravOrganza is a semi-transparent silk organza fabric sheet that is paper backed to run through an inkjet printer or inkjet copier. ExtravOrganza allows you to layer transparent images over the top of other artwork without blocking them. 2 Login For Price
JAC9801 JAC9801 JACQUARD INKJET SILK A4 Pack 30 sheets 12 Login For Price
JAC9802 JAC9802 JACQUARD INKJET COTTON A4 Pack 30 sheets. 9 Login For Price
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