Fabric Art

Scratch-Art Bateek-O

Achieve the batik look on paper without using heat or hot wax. Bateek-O consists of a wax transfer sheet and a blank picture sheet. The transfer sheet is placed over the picture sheet and then a pencil or wood stylus is used to draw your picture. As you draw the wax is transferred onto the picture sheet. To complete the picture simply apply watercolour paints to the picture sheet and wherever the wax design has been transferred the watercolour will be repelled creating a wax resist picture in the batik style. Packet contains 30 each of transfer and picture sheets in 216 x 279mm sheet size.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
SA1295 SA1295 *SCRATCH-ART BATEEK-O TRANSFER SHEETS 216 x 279mm (8.5x11Inch) Pack 30 19 Login For Price
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