Fabric Art

Fabric Surface Embelishing

Lutradur is a versatile cross between paper and fabric. It adds sheer texture and interesting dimension to art quilts, fibre art, mixed media work, as well as a wide variety of crafts. The 8.5 x 11 100% non-woven polyester sheets are acid-free and tear-resistant and are the perfect size for ink-jet printers. Sew it paint it inkjet print on it stencil it stamp it pleat it dye it distress it die-cut it sculpt with it fold it weave it needle felt on it.
Kraft-Tex is a rugged paper that looks, feels, and wears like leather, but sews, cuts, and washes just like fabric. It is supple, yet strong enough to use for projects that get tough wear. Use it to bring an exciting new texture to your craft-sewing projects, mixed-media arts, and bookmaking. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CT20211 CT20211 KRAFT-TEX PAPER FABRIC NATURAL 18 x1.63yd ROLL. Colour may vary slightly between rolls. 7 Login For Price
CT20244 CT20244 KRAFT-TEX PAPER FABRIC WHITE18 x1.63yd ROLL. 0 Login For Price
CT20245 CT20245 KRAFT-TEX PAPER FABRIC BLACK 18 x1.63yd ROLL. 3 Login For Price
CT20289 CT20289 KRAFT-TEX PAPER FABRIC CHOCOLATE 18 x1.63yd ROLL. Colour may vary slightly between rolls. 0 Login For Price
CT20290 CT20290 KRAFT-TEX PAPER FABRIC STONE 18 x1.63yd ROLL Colour may vary slightly between rolls. 0 Login For Price
CT20360 CT20360 KRAFT-TEX 5 COLOUR SAMPLER 215 x 280mm (8.5x11) Pack 10 sheets. Contains two sheets each of the five standard colours. 3 Login For Price
CT20397 CT20397 KRAFT-TEX DESIGNER COLOURS 215x280mm (8.5x11in) Pack 6 sheets. Contains one sheet each of Turquoise; Greenery; Blue Iris; Orchid; Marsala and Tangerine. 2 Login For Price
PA771 PA771 GLITTER IRON-ON SHEETS ASSORTED PACKET OF 10. Cut out your design, then iron on to fabric for a glitter finish. Full instruction sheet supplied. Not recommended for articles that are to be washed. 2 Login For Price
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