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Botanical Art Sketchbooks

These books contain 180gsm drawing paper interlined with 37gsm mousseline paper and have been specially designed for botanical drawings. The dividers provide excellent protection of drawings and also the preservation of flowers, plants and leaves collected by the Artist. The versatile paper is suitable for all dry techniques - pencil, chalk, markers and will also take washes of ink and gouache. The spiral binding makes it functional and practical for outdoor use.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CF0975178 CF0975178 CLAIREFONTAINE HERBIER BOTANICAL DRAWING COMPENDIUM 180gsm 21 x 21cm 32 sheets. 28 Login For Price
CF0975179 CF0975179 CLAIREFONTAINE HERBIER BOTANICAL DRAWING COMPENDIUM 180gsm A4 32 sheets. 37 Login For Price
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