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Fabriano Sketchbooks & Pads

Fabriano Hardcover Sketching Books contain 80 sheets of 110gsm natural grain, FSC certified, hydro-power produced, acid free paper. Fabriano sketching books are section-sewn bound or double wire-bound for extra strength and the hard, black cover is fully washable folding back completely to produce an ideal surface for plein air sketching.
Fabriano White/White is an environmentally friendly (ECF cellulose pulp) high elasticity, natural paper featuring very high whiteness and stiffness.
Fabriano Schizzi Pads contain a pale ivory, 90gsm Fabriano sketch paper with a light grain and good tooth. Chlorine and acid free.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
F19100004 F19100004 *FABRIANO HARDBOUND SKETCHING BOOK 110gsm A5 LANDSCAPE 80 sheets. 10 Login For Price
F28001515 F28001515 *FABRIANO SPIIRAL SKETCHING BOOK 110gsm 15 x15cm SQUARE 80 sheets. 42 Login For Price
F28003030 F28003030 *FABRIANO SPIIRAL SKETCHING BOOK 110gsm 30 x30cm SQUARE 80 sheets. 39 Login For Price
F28010550 F28010550 *FABRIANO SPIIRAL SKETCHING BOOK 110gsm A6 PORTRAIT 80 sheets. 59 Login For Price
F28014550 F28014550 *FABRIANO SPIIRAL SKETCHING BOOK 110gsm A5 PORTRAIT 80 sheets. 13 Login For Price
F28014660 F28014660 *FABRIANO SPIIRAL SKETCHING BOOK 110gsm A5 LANDSCAPE 80 sheets. 10 Login For Price
F28029660 F28029660 *FABRIANO SPIIRAL SKETCHING BOOK 110gsm A3 LANDSCAPE 80 sheets. 18 Login For Price
F57729742 F57729742 *FABRIANO SCHIZZI SKETCHING PAD 90gsm A3 60 sheets 8 Login For Price
F57742594 F57742594 *FABRIANO SCHIZZI SKETCHING PAD 90gsm A2 60 sheets 1 Login For Price
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