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Richeson Drawing & Sketching Pads

The Jack Richeson range of drawing and sketching pads are manufactured from traditional, heavy American drawing paper. This paper features a brilliant white, acid-free surface specifically made for pencil, charcoal and pastels. The spiral bound pads feature a continuous single spiral manufactured from a new space age, high impact plastic ... no more fighting with bent wire spirals!

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
JR100210 JR100210 *RICHESON NEWSPRINT DRAWING PAD 75gsm 9x12 inch 100 sheets Rough finish 33 Login For Price
JR100224 JR100224 *RICHESON DRAWING PAD 130gsm 9x12 inch 100 sheets 2 Login For Price
JR100225 JR100225 *RICHESON DRAWING PAD 130gsm 12x18 inch 100 sheets 39 Login For Price
JR100227 JR100227 *RICHESON DRAWING PAD 130gsm 18x24 inch 100 sheets 41 Login For Price
JR100251 JR100251 *RICHESON SPIRAL SKETCH PAD 130gsm 8.5x11 inch 100 sheets 22 Login For Price
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