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Shinhan Hardbound Sketchbooks

Suitable for use with all dry media plus light washes of wet media, this acid-free Korean Mulberry Kozo Hanji style oriental paper provides a level of strength and durability not found in most papers. Its unique characteristics make it ideal for use with Shinhan Korean colours. Available in 200gsm or 110gsm paper weights.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
SH8603402 SH8603402 SHINHAN PREMIUM HARDCOVER 200gsm 40 SHEET A4 SKETCHBOOK. 16 Login For Price
SH8603402 SH8603403 SHINHAN PREMIUM HARDCOVER 200gsm 40 SHEET A5 SKETCHBOOK. 6 Login For Price
SH8603601 SH8603601 SHINHAN PREMIUM HARDCOVER 100g A4 - 110 SHEET SKETCHBOOK. 12 Login For Price
SH8603602 SH8603602 SHINHAN PREMIUM HARDCOVER 100g A5 - 110 SHEET SKETCHBOOK 6 Login For Price
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