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Our Portable and field easels are made of aluminium or quality Beechwood or Birch. They are great easels for indoor, outdoor or tabletop use. The lightweight easels are perfect for travel, when not in use they can be folded for easy storage and portability. The adjustability of the legs and canvas grip allow a wide choice of heights and angles for your drawing surface.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
803000000 803000000 *DALER-ROWNEY FIELD EASEL CARRY BAG. This Easel Pod Bag features two large side pockets which can carry all your art materials and your easel in one simple solution. Made from woven nylon, it is extremely light and durable. The bag measures 940 x 130mm. 28 Login For Price
EAS2001 EAS2001 FOME STEEL WATERCOLOUR FIELD EASEL. High-quality, Italian steel easel with an excellent finish and sturdy fittings. Adjusts to a horizontal position for watercolour work. This portable and versatile easel can be used plein air or as a full tripod easel in the classroom or studio. Features completely adjustable canvas holder and legs for use with a canvas or board. Maximum canvas height: 70cm Horizontal table height: from 78 to 137cm Extended easel height: 203cm Box dimensions: 89 x 10 x 8cm Weight: 3kg 8 Login For Price
JALF137 JALF137 *JULLIAN ALUMINIUM FIELD EASEL. Aluminium field easel which is strong and lightweight for indoor and outdoor use. Easy to set up and pack away. Can be used as a table easel when the legs are collapsed. Extended height of easel is 193cms and will take a maximum canvas height of 137cms. Weighs approx 2.5kg and comes with a carry bag. 3 Login For Price
JB10 JB10 *JULLIAN ORIGINAL FIELD EASEL & CARRY BAG. Manufactured from premium quality oiled European beechwood and fitted with brass plated adjustable metal fittings its high quality finished is still unrivalled. Designed to accept canvases up to 108cm in height. Carry bag supplied. Dimensions (closed) 90x110x870mm - weight 1.7kg. 1 Login For Price
SFE0071R SFE0071R SINOART ALUMINIUM TRIPOD FIELD EASEL WITH CARRY BAG. This aluminium field easel is strong and lightweight. Adjustable to any angle from vertical to horizontal. Can also be used as a table easel when the legs are collapsed. Extended height of easel is 176cm and will accommodate canvases from 43cm to a height of 76cm. Folds down to a compact 64cm in length and supplied boxed complete with a carry/storage bag. on order - coming soon Login For Price
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