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Brush Washers

As any artist knows, it's very important to take good care of your tools and brushes, ensuring that they last a long time and stay in good shape for your upcoming projects. Our selection of brush washers is perfect for cleaning your paint brushes and ensuring their longevity. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
BRUT211 BRUT211 BRUSH TUB/PAINT SAVER+PALETTE. This slim rectangular shaped tub includes a lid that serves as a 2 in 1 paint saver and sectioned water-colour palette. The tub has 3 water chambers including a large, long cleaning area with graduated height ribs for thorough, easy cleaning. Graduated brush rests keep brushes suspended in liquid without crushing bristles. Plastic can hold all brush cleaning solvents 102 Login For Price
BRUWA BRUWA ALUMINIUM BRUSH WASHER WITH SEDIMENT TRAY. An aluminium body brush washer with a spiral-wound handle. The spiral spring winding holds up to 20 brushes and brush handles are held above the water/solvent line. The brush filling is then suspended in the water/solvent without the points touching the bottom. Features a removable stainless steel sediment tray. 43 Login For Price
JR400265 JR400265 *RICHESON BRUSH WASHER BASIN & CLEANING SCREEN. Includes one plastic brush basin and cover, featuring 5 holes for brushes in the handle, plus a brush cleaning screen. The brush cleaning screen is a great way to clean your brushes without the mess. 136 Login For Price
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