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Colour Wheels

A colour wheel is a visual representation of colours arranged according to their chromatic relationship. They show what colours are best suited to each other and are ideal for selecting the best colour scheme each time. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CT10792 CT10792 ULTIMATE 3-IN-1 COLOUR TOOL. An ideal tool for selecting the best colour scheme each time and a must-have for anyone who uses colour in their work. Features 24 colour cards with numbered swatches, 5 colour plans for each colour, 2 value finders (red & green) and a total of 816 colours with CMYK, RGB and HEX formulas. The small size allows you to take it anywhere. Includes expanded guidelines to ensure you get the most out of this useful tool. 2 Login For Price
CT20147 CT20147 STUDIO COLOUR WHEEL 71 x 71cm (28x28 in). This large (71 x 71cm) format colour wheel makes it easy to find the perfect colour combination - especially useful in the classroom! 4 Login For Price
JR499975 JR499975 RICHESON COLOUR WHEEL Pack 30. The Richeson colour wheel features both the basic, traditional colour wheel and grey scale all in one. Supplied as a class pack of 30 colour wheels that measure 178mm (7x7) square - ideal for students! 0 Login For Price
JR499984 JR499984 JRC GREY SCALE & VALUE FINDER. A great tool to determine colour value in all media and colours - not just for black and white! This tool features a unique cut-out window for each tint to allow easy viewing and accurate readings in 10 values from 10% to 100%. 0 Login For Price
JR499998 JR499998 POCKET GUIDE TO MIXING COLOUR. A quick guide to colours produced by mixing colours in varying proportions. This 3 x 5Inch guide unfolds to 30Inch long and features a high gloss protective UV coating. 94 Login For Price
JR499999 JR499999 ARTISTS LARGE 23cm COLOUR WHEEL. The 'original' standard colour wheel. The Artists' colour wheel provides a visual method of demonstrating the relationships of one colour to another and the results of colour mixing. 230mm diameter. 46 Login For Price
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