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Manikins are excellent reference tools for learning the basics of drawing. Capturing and rendering the articulation of the human hand is one of the most challenging exercises that students and artists can master. These durable manikins are accurately proportioned and anatomically correct. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
JR710102 JR710102 *RICHESON MEDIUM HEIGHT (865mm) SKELETON MANIKIN. These life-like, plastic skeleton models have removable arms and legs, and feature joints that are designed to duplicate natural movements. Their mouths open and shut, and one half of the skull is removable. Anatomically correct, these mannikins are supplied complete with a sturdy display stand. 11 Login For Price
JR710113 JR710113 RICHESON 30cm (12 Inch) FEMALE WOODEN MANIKIN.. Fully adjustable, accurately proportioned female mannikin. Constructed from natural timber. 0 Login For Price
JR710222 JR710222 RICHESON WOODEN MALE RIGHT HAND MANIKIN . These durable right-hand manikins feature adjustable ball joints and are elegantly finished from smooth hardwood. 5 Login For Price
JR710227 JR710227 RICHESON MOVEABLE FIGURINE 343mm (13.5 Inch) TALL. This unique, translucent plastic template featurs a 30cm arm span and metal riveted joints that make it easy to portray movement plus it folds neatly for storage when not in use. 0 Login For Price
JR720112 JR720112 RICHESON 30cm (12 Inch) WOODEN MALE MANIKIN.. Fully adjustable and accurately proportioned male mannikin. Constructed from natural timber. 10 Login For Price
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