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Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
DRF040 DRF040 DERIVAN REFILLABLE JAR PLUS LID 2 x 40ml. T 12 Login For Price
DRFWCBX DRFWCBX DERIVAN 10 PALLETE WATERCOLOUR TIN BOX A black-enamaled ,hinged lid, metal watercolour paint box incorporating an internal hinged metal pallete Feature a white enameled interior and 2 full pan plus 8 half-pan clip-in plastic pans for storing liquid artist watercolours. on order - coming soon Login For Price
FLUWP FLUWP GOLD FLUID WRITER PEN PLUS CLEANER. A beautifully crafted, gold anodised aluminium, thinline writing tool, which features a cupped reservoir at its tip, which can be loaded with most writing or painting mediums - paint, ink etc - and can then be used for signing artwork, drawing on wood and french matting - its fine, hollow needle point will write or sketch in a fine,easily controlled line.The pen is supplied with a cup/tip cap and a pen stem cleaner to clean out dried paint or ink. 29 Login For Price
JR101080 JR101080 RICHESON PAINT/INK DISPENSING PIPETTES Pack of 25. A versatile tool for adding details to artwork. Use them for marbling, mixing colours, applying dyes, inks and liquid watercolours. Each pipette measures approximately 15mm in length. 9 Login For Price
JR210514 JR210514 TRIANGULAR RUBBER GRAINING TOOL. Quality rubber tool which features a differentgrade of teeth on each of the three. When pulled, pushed, raked or sawed across the painted it will produce a myriad of patterns. 172 Login For Price
JR400216 JR400216 PAINT DISPENSER 350ml-Pack 12. These 12oz (355ml) plastic containers are equipped with a wide mouth to make them easy to fill and the see-through sides are marked in 1oz (29.6ml) increments for even dispensing. The snap-on cover features a tapered spout with an attached cap for an airtight seal that avoids paint drying out. 14 Login For Price
JR400995 JR400995 RICHESON COLOURED ART TRAYS Set 5. Durable, heavy-duty 267mm x 381mm plastic trays that clean up easily and feature rolled edges with handles. A set of 5 trays in red, yellow, green, blue and purple. 3 Login For Price
JR401080 JR401080 RICHESON POLY NEATNESS MATS 36x50cm SET 5. Strong polypropylene mats, conveniently marked with 20mm grids for easy measurements and alignment. Flexible, waterproof, and resistant to glues and stains. One each of yellow, red, purple, blue, and green. 21 Login For Price
JR401085 JR401085 RICHESON NEATNESS TOTES - SETof 4. These brightly coloured, stackable storage totes have many uses in the classroom. They can be used for storage crayons, pencils, brushes and a variety of other uses when organising and distributing materials. Manufactured from durable and colourful plastic in a set of 4 colours - red, yellow, blue and green. These totes stack together for easy storage and measure 215mm x 235mm and 127mm in height. 3 Login For Price
JV00815 JV00815 *JOVI SPECIAL EFFECT PAINTING TOOLS PACK OF 4. Rubber tipped, special effects tools. Use to create waves, broad and thin lines, solid blocks of colour etc 6 Login For Price
MC017050 MC017050 MARABU SPRAY BOTTLE 100ml. Marabu empty spray bottle 100ml capacity delivers a fine mist spray for interesting effects in mixed media. Fill with water or water-based products. Not suitable for alcohol based products or with glitter particles. 12 Login For Price
PAIGPT PAIGPT PAINTERS WHITE GUM PAPER TAPE ROLL 48mmx184m. White, water-activated, gummed paper tape for watercolour painting. 11 Login For Price
SFT004 SFT004 METAL ATOMISER WITH MOUTHPIECE. Mouth operated atomiser/spray diffuser with metal end cap. Huff tube length: 8cm. Bottom tube length: 13.5cm 564 Login For Price
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