Painting Accessories

Palettes - Plastic

Lightweight and strong injection-moulded plastic palettes. All feature wells of varying depths and are easy to clean. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
PAL14 PAL14 LARGE #14 PALETTE 152 x 216mm 6 Well. The deep wells of this palette perfect for mixing and dispensing paint. These palettes also accept a standard # 2 colour block. 179 Login For Price
PAL270 PAL270 ROUND PLASTIC PALETTE 17cm 11 Well. A lightweight, round, plastic palette with 10 small, circular, shallow wells and one large, central shallow well. Diameter is 170mm. 527 Login For Price
PAL271 PAL271 RECTANGLE PALETTE 9 x 13cm 6 Well. Rectangular plastic palette that incorporates 6 circular, medium depth wells which are suited to colour mixing or dispensing. 164 Login For Price
PAL272 PAL272 FLAT PLASTIC.PALETTE 18 x 8cm 9 Well. Flat palette featuring 2 large wells plus seven smaller wells. 1013 Login For Price
PAL280P PAL280P PLASTIC PALETTE 17 x 23cm 10 Well. Oval artists palette which offers 10 small, circular, moulded, shallow mixing wells as well as a moulded hand hold and thumb hole. 773 Login For Price
PAL290 PAL290 PLASTIC PALETTE 15 x 23cm 6 Well. Rectangular palette with 6 x 40mm diameter wells, which are suitable for mixing or dispensing paint or mediums. 91 Login For Price
PAL6 PAL6 FLAT PLASTIC No.6 PALETTE. Flat plastic palette with 16 shallow mixing sections and thumb hole. 11 Login For Price
PAL60 PAL60 PALETTE #60 114 x1 65mm 6 Well. Small, rectangular, 6 well palette with 45mm diameter wells. 13 Login For Price
PAL8 PAL8 PLASTIC MUFFIN PALETTE 6 Well Rectangular muffin tray style palette with 6 x 60mm deep wells 47 Login For Price
PAL9 PAL9 PLASTIC No.9 PALETTE 10 Well. Rectangular palette with 40mm diameter wells. 41 Login For Price
SAKPCST SAKPCST *SAKURA FLOWER PALETTE WITH SPONGE. A compact, white plastic, flower-pattern painting palette which is supplied complete with sponge that can be moistened to allow acrylic paints a longer open life 150mm diameter x 8mm deep. 8 Login For Price
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