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Easels - A Frame

A-frame easels are easels that are triangular in shape and have three legs; two in front and one behind. They are easy to store away because their third leg can be pushed forward to flatten them. They are fragile and not as dense as other easel types.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
JL1 JL1 JULLIAN STANDARD LYRE EASEL. Manufactured from premium quality, oiled European beechwood this easel will accommodate canvases up to 127cm in height. It features a sliding upper canvas support and easily adjustable height. Dimensions (closed) 665x1670mm - weight 8kg. 58 Login For Price
JL2 JL2 JULLIAN INCLINABLE LYRE EASEL. Manufactured from premium quality, oiled European beechwood this inclinable artist easel will accommodate canvases up to 124cm in height. The easel mast can be angled up to 15 degrees towards the user to obtain a parallel working surface if required. Storage shelf for paints, brushes and other art materials included. Dimensions (closed) 670x1750mm - weight 10kg. 42 Login For Price
JR886002 JR886002 *RICHESON MANTOYA LYRE EASEL. Manufactured from the timber of a naturally occurring hybrid Eucalyptus indigenous to Australia. The Montoya is an adjustable A-frame easel with a canvas holder that adjusts on the centre mast. Folds flat for easy storage. Maximum canvas height: 116cm. Base width/depth: 66 x 71cm. Extended easel height: 170cm* Shipping weight: 7kg. Assembly required. 1 Login For Price
SFE0010 SFE0010 BEECHWOOD ADJUSTABLE LYRE EASEL-120cm Inclinable angle adjustment allowing canvas to slant forward to 15 degrees.Canvas holder height can be adjusted using the simple ratchet control. Holds canvases up to 120cm. Manufactured from Beechwood. Size: 67 x 104 x 178 (231)cm. 32 Login For Price
SFE0018AB SFE0018AB SINOART ESPRESSO PINEWOOD FIELD SKETCH EASEL. Ideal for outdoor oil and watercolour painting. The canvas holder can be adjusted to different angles and will hold canvases up to 106cm. Measures 96 x 96 x 102cm. 31 Login For Price
SFE0177AB SFE0177AB SINOART ESPRESSO PINEWOOD LYRE EASEL. Designed to hold canvases up to 135cm in height. Ideal for student/classroom use where an economically priced lyre style easel is required. Open dimensions are 60cm x 70cm x 180cm high. 33 Login For Price
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