Aerosol Finishes

A range of finishes that provide protection for finished artwork. Protect drawings, paintings, photographs, prints etc against UV rays, dust and environmental pollution

Nuart Safety Data Sheets

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CRYCL400 CRYCL400 MICADOR GLOSS CRYSTAL CLEAR AEROSOL 450g. Permanent, clear, glossy, non-yellowing film which protects colours from ultra violet rays. Suitable for protection of drawings, prints, photographs, ceramics etc. 28 Login For Price
CRYKG CRYKG HELMAR ARTISTS CRYSTAL KOTE GLOSS AEROSOL 400g. A permanent, clear gloss finish for drawings,artwork, prints, photographs,watercolours, documents etc. Acid-free and UV light resistant. on order - coming soon Login For Price
ID6324704 ID6324704 *MAIMERI IDEA SPRAY PAINT 200ml - MATT TRANSPARENT 10 Login For Price
MATS400 MATS400 MICADOR MATT FINISH AEROSOL SPRAY 450g. Permanent, mat, colourless, non-yellowing film which protects from ultra-violet rays. Permanent matt finish for drawings, prints and photographs. 9 Login For Price
NACCL NACCL NUART AEROSOL CRYSTAL CLEAR SPRAY 400g. A permanent, clear, acid free, non-yellowing, gloss lacquer that retards the damage caused by UV rays. Ideal for protecting photographs, drawings, documents and prints. 802 Login For Price
NAMSP NAMSP NUART AEROSOL MATT SPRAY 400g. A quick drying, acid free, permanent matt coating for oil or acrylic paintings, photographs, drawings, prints, lettering and security documents. It protects work form UV light, dust, pollution and eliminates glare from glossy objects. 494 Login For Price
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