Air Brush - Single Action + Spare Parts

Single action refers to how you work the airbrush. Each control on a single action airbrush operates a separate spray variable. Simply press down for air and twist out for paint.
The button, or trigger, controls airflow.  It’s an on/off device.  Twisting the knob starts paint flow and increases paint flow until you twist the knob completely out. The separate paint and air controls make single action airbrushes easier to use than double action airbrushes as you receive a constant and steady paint flow

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
PAH191 PAH191 *PAASCHE 1oz BOTTLE CAP ONLY. Bottle Cap to suit 1oz bottle (28ml) to suit all H airbrushes 1 Login For Price
PAH99 PAH99 *PAASCHE H 1oz BOTTLE ONLY. Glass Bottle 1oz (28ml) to suit all H airbrushes 1 Login For Price
PAHC1 PAHC1 *PAASCHE H AIR CAP ONLY Size 1. Please refer to Operating and Replacement Parts sheet supplied with airbrush. 1 Login For Price
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