Airbrush Eraser

Everything you need to get started. The Air Eraser is a versatile instrument that can erase colour errors and acts as an etching tool. Easy to handle,this smooth operating air eraser operates like a small sand blaster with very little difficulty and a great deal of accuracy. Used by hobbyists and manufacturers to clean jewellery and fine parts, remove discoloration, rust and corrosion, etch glass or cut monograms.
Lithographers can use the AEC Air Eraser to highlight half-tones and erase defects without marring the surface or leaving a smudge. Includes: air eraser, cup assembly with cover, hanger, wrench, 5 disposable face masks, 6oz fast cutting compound, 4 foot air hose with fitted moisture trap, plus parts list in a storage case.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
PAAEX6 PAAEX6 *PAASCHE FAST CUTTING COMPOUND 6oz. A fine ground aluminium oxide powder for use in the Paasche AEC Air Eraser. To flow freely, powder must be completely dry. Jar is 6oz(170g) 1 Login For Price
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