Decorative Paint Mediums

A range of decorative painting techniques for a variety of uses including sealing, layering and different textures.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
ID5920723 ID5920723 *MAIMERI IDEA MEDIUM 125ml HEAVY GLOSS GEL. 6 Login For Price
ID5920726 ID5920726 *MAIMERI IDEA MEDIUM 125ml PAPIER-MACHE PASTE. 16 Login For Price
ID5920727 ID5920727 *MAIMERI IDEA MEDIUM 125ml CRYSTAL PASTE 3 Login For Price
ID5920731 ID5920731 *MAIMERI IDEA MEDIUM 125ml LIGHT PASTE. 6 Login For Price
ID5920734 ID5920734 *MAIMERI IDEA MEDIUM 125ml TERRACOTTA. 12 Login For Price
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