Shinhan Artists Poster Colours

Available in sets of 12 and 24 vivid colours, Shinhan sh Poster Colour is loved by both fine art students and professionals. They are frequently used for illustration and mixed media being suitable for everything from abstract, geometric backgrounds to delicate design techniques. Shinhan Poster Colour has superior opacity and colour blending and when mixing colours, their high chroma with bright, vivid tones are never lost.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
SH1320051 SH1320051 SHINHAN ARTISTS POSTER COLOUR WHITE - 100ml JAR. 26 Login For Price
SH1320056 SH1320056 *SHINHAN ARTISTS POSTER COLOUR BLACK - 100ml JAR. 7 Login For Price
SH1323101 SH1323101 SHINHAN POSTER COLOUR EXTENDER MEDIUM 30ml. Use to extend the drying time of poster colours, improve adhesiveness and to make the colours seem more vibrant. 20 Login For Price
SH1365024 SH1365024 *SHINHAN sh ARTISTS POSTER COLOURS SET 24 x 30ml JARS. 6 Login For Price
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