Shinhan Professional Metallic Powders

ShinHan professional Metallic Powders can be used to achieve brilliant metallic or pearlescent effects. Consisting of finely ground particles of bronze, aluminium or mica pigments, the highly brilliant metallic sheen will not easily tarnish or fade. They can be applied to various surfaces including canvas, paper, cardboard, wood, clay and more. Mix with water prior to application for watercolours, gouache or poster. For improved adhesion on non-absorbent surfaces, mix with water diluted ShinHan Painting Glue.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
SH262301 SH262301 SHINHAN PRO METALLIC POWDER 30ml - GOLD. 9 Login For Price
SH262302 SH262302 SHINHAN PRO METAL POWDER 30ml - RICH GOLD. 8 Login For Price
SH262303 SH262303 SHINHAN PRO METALLIC POWDER 30ml - SILVER. 13 Login For Price
SH262304 SH262304 SHINHAN PRO METALLIC POWDER 30ml - WHITE SILVER. 15 Login For Price
SH262305 SH262305 SHINHAN PRO METALLIC POWDER 30ml - COPPER. 13 Login For Price
SH262507 SH262507 SHINHAN PRO METALLIC POWDERS-SET OF 5x30ml JARS. Contains one 30ml jar each of gold, rich gold, silver, white silver and copper for use with all gouache, poster and watercolours to create stunning metallic effects. 0 Login For Price
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