Shinhan Student Poster Colours

Designed by Korea’s world class professional art paint manufacturer, this line of high quality poster color is perfect for students. ShinHan Student Poster Colours flow easily, and dry quickly and evenly with an opaque matte finish. They are non-toxic, easily washable and won’t flake after drying. A perfect match for kids!


Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
SH1375012 SH1375012 SHINHAN SHAMI STUDENT POSTER COLOURS SET 12x20ml JARS. 25 Login For Price
SH1375018 SH1375018 SHINHAN SHAMI STUDENT POSTER COLOURS SET 18x20ml JARS. 34 Login For Price
SH1375024 SH1375024 SHINHAN SHAMI STUDENT POSTER COLOURS SET 24x20ml JARS. 22 Login For Price
SH138512 SH138512 SHINHAN START STUDENT POSTER COLOURS 12x15ml. Contains one 15ml tube each of orange, yellow, yellow green, green, cobalt blue, ultramarine, purple, pink, brown, black and white. 9 Login For Price
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