Finger Paint

Painting was never simpler!

Children use their fingers to apply this water-based paint directly onto any type of paper, so it's as easy as can be. No tools are necessary and it is ideal for children from the age of 3 upwards. These finger paints are washable and the colours can be mixed together to create secondary and tertiary colours.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
C552005 C552005 *CRAYOLA WASHABLE FINGER PAINT SET OF 4. Includes 4 Washable Finger Paints in Blue, Green, Yellow and Red - for Age 2+. 3 Login For Price
JV00550S JV00550S *JOVI FINGER PAINT SET OF 6 x 125ml Assorted. One 125ml jar each of white, yellow, orange, green, blue and black. 4 Login For Price
JV0055101 JV0055101 *JOVI FINGER PAINT 500ml WHITE 10 Login For Price
JV0055103 JV0055103 *JOVI FINGER PAINT 500ml YELLOW 10 Login For Price
JV0055107 JV0055107 *JOVI FINGER PAINT 500ml ORANGE/VERMILLION 10 Login For Price
JV0055117 JV0055117 *JOVI FINGER PAINT 500ml GREEN 12 Login For Price
JV0055121 JV0055121 *JOVI FINGER PAINT 500ml BLUE 10 Login For Price
JV0055130 JV0055130 *JOVI FINGER PAINT 500ml BLACK 10 Login For Price
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