Richeson Powder Paint Colours

Richeson Powder Paints are the most economical and convenient medium for producing brilliant opaque, water-based colours.
Just mix equal parts by volume of powder paint to water to obtain the intended hue. For more transparent watercolour effects add more water and for more opaque "gouache-like" colours, reduce the amount of water used.
To create a heavy bodied paint suitable for finger painting, add cellulose adhesive powder at the rate 10g per litre of water. As with all colours, pigments may stain clothing so the wearing of protective aprons is recommended.
Richeson Powder Paint Colours conform to ASTM D-2436 standards and carry ACMI AP (non-toxic) seal of approval. Available in several popular shades packed in 454gram (1lb.) re-usable screw-top jars - great value!

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
JR101501 JR101501 RICHESON POWDER PAINT 454gms-RED 8 Login For Price
JR101502 JR101502 RICHESON POWDER PAINT 454gms-YELLOW. 13 Login For Price
JR101503 JR101503 RICHESON POWDER PAINT 454gms-BLUE. 11 Login For Price
JR101504 JR101504 RICHESON POWDER PAINT 454gms-ORANGE. 14 Login For Price
JR101505 JR101505 RICHESON POWDER PAINT 454gms-GREEN. 7 Login For Price
JR101506 JR101506 RICHESON POWDER PAINT 454gms-PURPLE. 7 Login For Price
JR101507 JR101507 RICHESON POWDER PAINT 454gms-WHITE. 11 Login For Price
JR101508 JR101508 RICHESON POWDER PAINT 454gms-BLACK. 7 Login For Price
JR101509 JR101509 *RICHESON POWDER PAINT 454gms-BROWN. 1 Login For Price
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