Jo Sonja Acrylic Mediums

The secret of Jo Sonja’s remarkable versatility lies in the range of mediums and surface preparations, which have been specially developed as a ‘System’ to give you unlimited technique applications on almost any surface.

Mediums make painting easier and give you complete control of the process. From the base coat to the final varnish, there is a Jo Sonja product to suit your individual painting style.

Chroma Safety Data Sheets

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CMC700508 CMC700508


7 Login For Price
CMC700508 CMC701002


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JOSG250BK JOSG250BK JO SONJA GESSO 250ml-BLACK. A flexible acrylic ground with a high grit content which provides tooth on which to paint. 11 Login For Price
JOSG250WH JOSG250WH JO SONJA GESSO 250ml-WHITE. A flexible acrylic ground with a high grit content which provides tooth on which to paint. 14 Login For Price
JOSOMG JOSOMG JO SONJA MEDIUMS GUIDE SHEET. Used in conjunction with Sourcebook/Colour Card to get the best results from Jo Sonja Artist Colours and Mediums. 43 Login For Price
JSM250APS JSM250APS JO SONJA MEDIUM 250ml ALL PURPOSE SEALER. All Purpose Sealer for metal, timber or glass. 16 Login For Price
JSM250CGM JSM250CGM JO SONJA MEDIUM 250ml CLEAR GLAZE. A transparent, quick drying sealer. 22 Login For Price
JSM250CM JSM250CM JO SONJA MEDIUM 250ml CRACKLE. For Fine & Glazed Effects over finished paintings. Transparent medium forcrackled effects. 11 Login For Price
JSM250DCM JSM250DCM JO SONJA MEDIUM 250ml ACRYLIC DECOR CRACKLE. Use to crackle large areas of painted surface. Helps to emphasise the size and depth of the crackled appearance of furniture, walls and other larger pieces. Gives a weathered look. 2 Login For Price
JSM250FM JSM250FM JO SONJA MEDIUM 250ml FLOW. Alters colours to leave no brushmarks. 24 Login For Price
JSM250GD JSM250GD JO SONJA MEDIUM 250ml GOLD DUST. A clear gel containing reflective gold particles 1 Login For Price
JSM250GR JSM250GR JO SONJA MEDIUM 250ml RETARDER. Delays drying time without thinning the consistency. 20 Login For Price
JSM250GTM JSM250GTM JO SONJA MEDIUM 250ml GLASS & TILE. Mix with Jo Sonja Artists' Colours to make a glass or ceramic tile paint. Performance is the same as for ready-to-use glass and tile paints. 2 Login For Price
JSM250GTP JSM250GTP *JO SONJA MEDIUM 250ml GLASS & TILE PRIMER. Apply the Primer to the glass, tile or other item to be painted, allow to dry and then paint with a mixture of Jo Sonja Colour and glass and tile painting Medium. The use of the Primer eliminates the need for oven curing. 15 Login For Price
JSM250KM JSM250KM *JO SONJA MEDIUM 250ml KLEISTER. For traditional scratch back techniques. 1 Login For Price
JSM250MM JSM250MM JO SONJA MEDIUM 250ml MAGIC MIX. A light sealer that contains an extender for a delayed drying time - dries matte. 1 Login For Price

JO SONJA MEDIUM 250ml OPAL DUST. A clear gel containing ligth-reflecting, holographic particles.

9 Login For Price
JSM250RE JSM250RE JO SONJA MEDIUM 250ml RETARDER. Extends the 'open' time of the colours. 3 Login For Price
JSM250SB JSM250SB JO SONJA MEDIUM 250ml STROKE/BLENDING. Helps achieve consistent stroke and liner work, soft blending and gradations of colour, gentle washes and easy colour floating. 4 Login For Price
JSM250TM JSM250TM JO SONJA MEDIUM 250ml TEXTILE. An additive for colours for use as textile paints. 10 Login For Price
JSM250TP JSM250TP JO SONJA MEDIUM 250ml TEXTURE PASTE. A flexible, translucent modelling compound. 2 Login For Price
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