Oil Mediums - Maimeri

Maimeri offer a number of mediums which will enhance your oil painting practice. These mediums are especially useful when needing to thin colours down, emphasize the undertone of tints or speed the drying time of oil colours. Other mediums will help to soften and make more fluid oil colours, while some are ideal for creating thin transparent glazes of oil paint. Regardless of which medium you decide to use, they do not effect the cleanness and clarity of the colour.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
OL5924850 OL5924850 *MAIMERI OLIO OIL COLOURS OIL PRIMER 200ml. Use prior to painting so the colour better adheres to the support . 26 Login For Price
OL5924853 OL5924853 *MAIMERI OLIO OIL COLOURS COARSE MEDIUM 200ml. Gives oil paint a rough and sand-like finish. Use with palette or painting knife to obtain greater volume and thickness. 10 Login For Price
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