Oil mediums - Art Spectrum

Oil mediums from Art Spectrum for use with Art Spectrum Oil Colours.

Art Spectrum Safety Data Sheets


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ASOM1AC ASOM1AC ART SPECTRUM OIL MEDIUM 1 Ltr - ART CLEAN. Art Clean is a natural, biodegradable, citrus-scented cleaning solution for brushes, studio equipment and other uses. Similar to turpentine. It is made from a blend of natural extracts. It contains no petroleum based solvents and no harmful bleaches. Do not use on plastics. 2 Login For Price
ASOM1CT ASOM1CT ART SPECTRUM OIL MEDIUM 1 Ltr - CITRUS TURPENTINE. Double distilled. This turpentine is made from orange zest and has an orange aroma. 1 Login For Price
ASOM1LI ASOM1LI ART SPECTRUM OIL MEDIUM 1 Ltr - LIQUOL. A quick-drying, transparent, painting and glazing medium. Liquol is an alkyd medium, versatile and fast drying. Excellent for multiple glazes, where it will give great depth and subtlety of colour. Can be painted wet on wet, or left to dry before overpainting. 1 Login For Price
ASOM1OLM ASOM1OLM ART SPECTRUM OIL MEDIUM 1 Ltr - ODOURLESS LEAN MEDIUMA low odour alternative to the traditional lean mediums. Possesses similar properties and applications i.e. it is fast drying, and forms a well balanced and permanent paint layer. on order - coming soon Login For Price
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