Block Printing & Stamping Kits

Versatile and easy to use block printing, stamping and carving kits. These innovative and comprehensive kits contain everything needed to get printing and stamping straight away. A great idea for those who want to try these activities without having to purchase all the tools. 

Derivan Safety Data Sheet

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DERBKIT DERBKIT DERIVAN LINO BLOCK PRINTING STARTER KIT. This Lino Block Printing kit is ideal for anyone who wants to learn the art of Block Printing. It contains a 1 x 50ml jar of Derivan Block Ink, 10cm roller, Lino carving tool with five blades, palette knife and double-sided Lino mat. Comes complete with instructions on how to produce a print from start to finish. 14 Login For Price
ESDL25CK ESDL25CK ESSDEE CARVE-A-STAMP 10 PIECE PRINTING KIT. This versatile kit makes carving your own stamps easy and fun. Contains 1x Ink Pad Black 2 x Carving tools, 1 x Handle with aluminium collar, 5 x Stamp blanks (Mastercut glued onto 9mm thick MDF) 3 @ 59x48mm 2 @ 73x37mm and an information leaflet. 53 Login For Price
ESDL2LTK ESDL2LTK ESSDEE LINOCUT PRINTMAKING STARTER KIT. This printmaking Taster Kit is the most affordable and accessible way to try lino printing. The kit contains 2 large 10x15cm pieces of SoftCut lino, two Lino cutters, 100ml of block printing ink and an ink roller, which is enough to create loads of prints from the user's own designs. 59 Login For Price
ESDL3BPEK ESDL3BPEK ESSDEE ESSENTIALS BLOCK PRINTING KIT. This Lino Printing Essentials Kit provides the tools and materials you need to create your own prints. The kit includes 1 x 100ml Block Printing Ink, 1 x Roller, 1 Handle, 3 x Cutters, 1 x SoftCut Carving Block and instructions. on order - coming soon Login For Price
ESDLC5PK ESDLC5PK ESSDEE COMPLETE LINO CUTTING & PRINTING KIT. This comprehensive kit includes a wide selection of tools and materials for lino cutting and printing. It contains 5 x Lino cutters (styles 1 to 5), 1 x Safety cutter, 1 x Lino cutter handle; 1 x Aluminium ferrule; 2 x lino plates (127 x 178mm), 2 x lino soft blocks (100 x 150mm), practice piece, 1 x 4 roller ink tray (200 x 240mm), 1 x safety hand guard, Baren cap, Baren base, 1 x 100ml tube of water-based ink, 2 x 45mm printing stamps plus instructions. on order - coming soon Login For Price
ESDLC5S2 ESDLC5S2 ESSDEE 3 in1 LINO CUTTER & STAMP CARVING KIT. An innovative and versatile kit that allows you carve printing stamps using lino cutting tools and techniques. Simply pop one of the included 4 x 45mm Mastercut printing stamps into the disc holder and use the lino cutter to carve a design. This kit includes 5 x cutters, 2 self-adhesive, blank printing stamps, baren cap and base with lino cutting handle. on order - coming soon Login For Price
ESDMCS10 ESDMCS10 ESSDEE MASTERCUT SELF-ADHESIVE PRINTING STAMPS Pack 10. Carve your own printing stamps or experiment with artisan printing techniques using this amazingly easy to care, eraser-like material. Pack of 10 x 45mm diameter self-adhesive Mastercut printing stamps for use with the Lino Cutter and Stamp Carving kit. Simply carve designs using the discs of easy-to-carve Mastercut material. Stamps measure 45mm in diameter 34 Login For Price
ESDP6K4K ESDP6K4K ESSDEE BLOCK PRINTING KIT FOR KIDS. Essdee block printing kit for kids includes 2 x A5 and 4 x A6 sheets of easy-to-carve PrintFoam a 100ml tube of premium quality water based block printing ink a washable plastic ink rolling tray engraving tool one 45mm ink roller complete with instructions and ideas sheet. 56 Login For Price
SPEB3474 SPEB3474 SPEEDBALL BLOCK PRINTING TOOLKIT. The Speedball Block Printing Tool Kit contains all the essential block printing tools. Includes one each of the following: 4inch Pop-In Soft Rubber Brayer, Bench Hook/Inking Plate, Lino Handle (Red), #1, #2, #3, #5 and #6 Lino Cutters and Red Baron Baren. 4 Login For Price
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