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Colourcraft Adva-Print is an easy-to-use high quality screen/block printing system that produces a professional finish on fabric. The system consists of a series of concentrated colours and various binders that produce a soft, professional finish. The binders include a printing binder for use on cotton, polyester etc, a puff binder for producing 3D effects, a pearl binder for creating pearlescent effects and a crackle glaze for producing an aged and cracked texture on fabric. Adva-Print colours are ideal for use in screen printing, block printing, stenciling, for decorative effects or as fabric paint.
The colours marked *are suitable for pigment discharge techniques. All colours are lightfast, colourfast, lead free and completely intermixable.

Colourcraft Safety Data Sheets

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
ADV100EG ADV100EG *COLOURCRAFT ADVA-PRINT TINTER 100g EMERALD GREEN. Suitable for pigment discharge techniques. 6 Login For Price
ADV100GY ADV100GY *COLOURCRAFT ADVA-PRINT TINTER 100g GOLDEN YELLOW. Suitable for pigment discharge techniques. 4 Login For Price
ADV100LE ADV100LE *COLOURCRAFT ADVA-PRINT TINTER 100g LEMON. Suitable for pigment discharge techniques. 1 Login For Price
ADV100MA ADV100MA *COLOURCRAFT ADVA-PRINT TINTER 100g MAGENTA. Suitable for pigment discharge techniques. 3 Login For Price
ADV100OR ADV100OR *COLOURCRAFT ADVA-PRINT TINTER 100g ORANGE. Suitable for pigment discharge techniques. 2 Login For Price
ADV100TU ADV100TU *COLOURCRAFT ADVA-PRINT TINTER 100g TURQUOISE. Suitable for pigment discharge techniques. 2 Login For Price
ADV100UB ADV100UB *COLOURCRAFT ADVA-PRINT TINTER 100g ULTRAMARINE. Suitable for pigment discharge techniques. 5 Login For Price
ADV100VE ADV100VE *COLOURCRAFT ADVA-PRINT TINTER 100g VERMILION. Suitable for pigment discharge techniques. 2 Login For Price
ADV250CB ADV250CB *COLOURCRAFT ADVA-PRINT CLEAR BINDER 250gm. Dries clear and does not dull the sheen of the powders. Ideal for use with Colourcraft Glitter Crystals and heat resistant sequins to create different effects. 1 Login For Price
ADV250P3D ADV250P3D *COLOURCRAFT ADVA-PRINT 3D PUFF BINDER 250gm. Produces a 3D effect on fabric, paper, card etc. It can be applied straight from the container with or without adding colour and once heat cured, it will expand, and can then be tinted or painted etc (Not suitable for mixing with lustre powders or glitter. 2 Login For Price
ADVSKIT ADVSKIT *COLOURCRAFT ADVA-PRINT 3D PUFF STARTER KIT 6 PIECES. This kit contains 1 x 50g 3D Puff, 1 x Gliiter Crystals, 1 x Fabric Concentrated Colour, 1 x Brusho Crystal Colour, 1 28ml Acrylic Ink and I x 5g 3mm Sequins. Colours may vary from kit to kit. 2 Login For Price
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