Plates - Solar Etching

This etching process does not require the use of corrosive mordants and is suitable for those sensitive to such chemicals. These pre-sensitised plates are manufactured from a steel-backed, water-soluble, photosensitive polymer that hardens when exposed to a UV light source. The plate is developed in warm water and a brush used to quickly wash out the unexposed areas of the plate thus creating an etching or relief printing plate. Having removed the excess water the plate is then hardened in sunlight and ready for use. Instruction and data sheet available upon request.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
NASEPA4 NASEPA4 NUART SOLAR M95 ETCHING PLATE A4 - 210x297mm. 15 Login For Price
NASEPA5 NASEPA5 NUART SOLAR M95 ETCHING PLATE A5 - 148x210mm. 19 Login For Price
NASEPA6 NASEPA6 NUART SOLAR ETCHING PLATE A6 - 105x150mm. 18 Login For Price
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