Plates - Zinc

Mirror finish 1.0mm zinc plate with the printing surface protected from accidental scratching by a self-adhesive plastic film. The unprotected reverse side and edges of the plate should be coated with shellac, to protect against the acidic action of the mordant, before removing the plastic film prior to applying the grounds to the printing surface. Ferric chloride solution is the recommended mordant.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
NA4020 NA4020 NUART ZINC ETCHING PLATE 60 x 90mm. 32 Login For Price
NA4021 NA4021 NUART ZINC ETCHING PLATE 90 x 120mm. 47 Login For Price
NA4024 NA4024 NUART ZINC ETCHING PLATE 150 x 200mm. 1 Login For Price
NA4025 NA4025 NUART ZINC ETCHING PLATE 180 x 240mm 7 Login For Price
NA4026 NA4026 NUART ZINC ETCHING PLATE 240 x 300mm. 17 Login For Price
NA4027 NA4027 NUART ZINC ETCHING PLATE 300 x 400mm. 18 Login For Price
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