Artwork Positive Film

This unique polyester drafting film is a technological breakthrough that will hold tone in the creation of hand drawn positives. The unique textured surface and very high level of transparency allows the reproduction of subtle washes and marks without the intermediate process of photography or laser scanning. By drawing directly onto Nuart Grain Mark film, a wide range of drawing media may be faithfully reproduced with photosensitive emulsions and solar etching plates. Most other drafting films are non-textured and semi-opaque and only capable of reproducing flat, solid marks drawn with opaque materials. The extra-large 70x100cm sheets are 150 micron (0.15mm) thick and easily cut to the required size. Supplied rolled in a protective cardboard storage tube.

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GRAIN MARK RESIST SCREEN POSITIVE FILM 70x100cm. Minimum purchase 3 sheets

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