Kiwocol Photo Emulsion Products

KIWO Photo Emulsions have long been considered the benchmark within the Screen Printing industry in regards to quality and imaging. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
KIW225WRQ KIW225WRQ ULANO 925WR-P EMULSION 946ml. Ulano 925WR-P is a phthalate free, water resistant emulsion for imprinting on textiles. 5 Login For Price
KIWHRQ KIWHRQ KIWO SCREEN HAZE REMOVER 946ml. This liquid haze remover is designed for the removal of most ink stains and emulsion residue not removed by the Kiwo Pregasol F emulsion remover and Kiwo Pregan A9 cleaner and degreaser. The haze remover should always be used before recoating screens with emulsion if there is any evidence of ink staining or stencil residue to achieve the best possible recoating of the screen. 2 Login For Price
KIWPA9Q KIWPA9Q KIWO PREGAN A9 SCREEN CLEANER 946ml. A ready-to-use, highly efficient cleaning and degreasing solution suitable for all mesh types.Pregan A9 emulsifies dirt and grease with a strong foaming action making them water soluble and so facilitates thorough rinsing. It prevents pinholes and irregularities in the emulsion coating in creation of a flawless stencil. 2 Login For Price
KIWPFQ KIWPFQ KIWO PREGASOL F PHOTO EMULSION REMOVER 946ml. Pregasol F is a ready-to-use, liquid screen emulsion de-coating solution that is free from chlorine and environmentally safe as it can be emptied into drains where it becomes subject to biological decomposition. It is very effective in thede-coating of polymer-based direct emulsions but will not damage the mesh and suitable for use with all mesh types and photo-emulsions. 3 Login For Price
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